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The rent is too

The rent is too damn high. Median rent in the US is now over $2000 for the first time ever. Rent is a driving factor in overall inflation, rising faster than it has in over 35 years. Most of us spend most of our money each month on rent and utilities. This is a national emergency, and something’s gotta give.


The President can and should do something about the rent. The Homes Guarantee is a campaign, led by tenants, organizing to ensure that every person has a safe, accessible, truly affordable home.

Right now, we’re focused on getting the Biden administration to declare a state of emergency and take executive action to regulate rents. Over 250+ tenant-led organizations have called for this action, and dozens of tenants have met with key officials in the White House about our demands, but the President has failed to respond.

Federal Actions to Regulate Rents


We need tenants like you to join us. Tell us your story, and help us make our crisis clear to the people who have the power to do something about it.

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